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Hispanic culture + social media

"In addition to being highly social, Hispanics consume a ton of media. I came across statistics that indicate that Hispanics teens spend 13 hours per day with media, more than any other ethnic group."

  • 84% of Hispanics have a broadband connection vs. 79% of Whites
  • 36% of Hispanics view the Internet as tool for building a better life vs. 30% of general market
  • 68% of Hispanics are wireless Internet users vs. 54% of Whites
  • 81% of Hispanics text vs. 62% of Whites

Most popular social media sites among Hispanics:

  • YouTube.com, 15 million monthly Hispanic visitors
  • MySpace.com, 8.8 million monthly Hispanic visitors
  • Facebook.com, 6.2 million monthly Hispanic visitors
  • Twitter.com, 3.0 million monthly Hispanic visitors
  • Univision.com, 1.9 million monthly Hispanic visitors

Read full story here: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/128097/

from Culture + Technology Usage = The Perfect Storm by Lee Vann Thursday, May 13, 2010